Thursday, August 21, 2014

Three Life Lessons That Have Nothing To Do With Cancer

Today was the Summer Social at work which was held at a bar, slash restaurant, slash bowling alley a few blocks from my house on Capitol Hill. At the end of the event, I gave my friend S a ride home to save her a multi-bus commute. After I dropped her off, there was still an hour of light left so I took the Roadster for a drive. I started at the northwest corner of Magnolia, hung a left and drove south along the water. I managed to make it around Magnolia, past downtown and around West Seattle to Lincoln Park before it got too dark to see anything. 

On the way home, I passed a huge group of cyclists, all lit up, riding the opposite way along the water. They looked and sounded like they were having a lot of fun. It was pretty cool. 

The trip reminded me of three important truths:

1. Seattle is a beautiful city in the summertime. 

2. If you can't remove the top from your car, you're driving the wrong car.

3. It's nice to have friends with waterfront property.*

Oh, and since this is my cancer blog, I guess I should at least mention that while there wasn't much happening cancer-wise today, I was able to drink iced beverages at the Summer Social (yay!). I did, however, need to refrain from chewing the ice (boo!). At this point, things may be quiet on the cancer front until Wednesday when Cycle 3 starts. 

* Unfortunately, it's been a long time since I had friends with waterfront. 

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