Friday, August 1, 2014

Chemotherapy, Cycle 1, Days 2-3 Summary

So first and most important, I did get to use my ticket to Book of Mormon. I felt fine through Day 2, so my infusion pump and I made it to the show. I think I expected more than the show could ultimately deliver, but it certainly had its moments.

As far as the chemo goes, the home infusion was a mixed bag. On the negative side, having the infusion pump connected to you for forty-six hours is a drag. The needle is taped to your chest, and that gets annoying, and then you've got the machine making a little fuht-fuht noise every ninety seconds. During the day you don't really notice, but at night the pump is hanging off the headboard to my bed (the only real place it can go) and trying to sleep with it running is a drag. Also on the negative side, they don't really want you to shower with the pump attached, but I don't do well without a morning shower so I had to figure out a way to work around the tubing and the stuff holding the needle in so it all doesn't get wet. 

On the positive side, it took two days before I started to feel any negative effects from the infusion. I was able to pull the needle and power down the infusion pump today at noon, but by two o'clock I felt like I was coming down with a terrible case of the flu. Aches, pains, fatigue, nausea -- all the standards. 

We'll see how long it lasts. According to the nurses, I should start to really feel better right about the time I go back in for Cycle 2 on August 13.

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