Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I've Decided to Blame the Chemo

Sadly, it is no longer possible to deny the obvious: when I look in the mirror, I'm seeing a lot more of my head than I'm used to seeing.

And while I could look at pretty much any of my male blood relatives -- grandfather, father, brother, nephew (sorry, guys) -- and reasonably determine that my genes have just finally caught up with me, I think I'd prefer to blame the chemo. 

First of all, hair loss is a well-known side effect of chemo, so it's not unreasonable to throw the blame that way ("I'm not balding, I have cancer"). But more important, if it's the chemo I can reasonably expect my hair to come back when I'm through with the cycles -- Come back, hair! Come back! -- whereas if it's the genes I'm pretty well hosed. 

So I'm going with the chemo (hope springs eternal). 

But this experience has raised a weird question: where does the hair go when it falls out of your head? It's not showing up on my pillow. It's not accumulating in the shower drain. I don't make piles of hair when I sweep.* It's not anywhere, including, increasingly, not on my head. 

It's like the Tooth Fairy got her wires crossed and is taking my hair instead -- though without leaving loose change behind. 

Oh well. At least I'm saving money on shampoo. 

* In theory; to confirm that this is, in fact, true I'd actually have to sweep. 

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