Monday, August 18, 2014

And We're Back on the Upswing

Like last time, the post-chemo Sunday/Monday starts the upswing back to the new normal. Yesterday I was able to take the Roadster to a Mini show Sib2 signed us up for, and today it was back to work.* For the most part, the chemo symptoms have all pretty much subsided with the woeful exception of the ice thing. I still can't drink anything cold without my throat getting all weirded out. But if last cycle's trend holds, as it has so far, by Wednesday or Thursday I should be back to drinking beverages with lots of ice. 

I hope so anyway. The summer's just not the summer without lots of ice floating in your lemonade. 

* Out of the five cars in the Roadster/Coupe group, mine came in third. And no, I have no idea how the all folks who voted decided that one of a group of cars that were all basically the same was better than any of the others. But hey, I got a ribbon so who am I to question?

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