Sunday, August 31, 2014

Chemo Saturday (Er, Friday, Saturday, Sunday) Summary

Left work early on Friday and got home at about 3:30. With a few minor exceptions, between 3:30 on Friday to noon today (Sunday) I was either in bed or on the couch. It was just too much trouble to move. 

But it wasn't like I was totally non-productive. I answered the phone (Sib2) on Saturday morning, which required me to get up off the couch and walk the two steps to where the phone was sitting. (Full disclosure: I didn't actually make it to the phone in time so had to call back.) A few hours later I had to make the same trip a second time to respond to a text message (Sib4). And since I was more or less vertical and by that time hadn't eaten for close to 24 hours I decided to put on shoes and a sweatshirt so I could drive the two blocks to the store -- sorry everybody, but chemo totally trumps global warming -- and buy a package of pre-fab danish which was about the only thing I could contemplate trying to eat at the time. 

So a few relevant stats for the last 45 hours:
Time not spent sleeping or trying to sleep: best guess, 4-6 hours
Distance walked: probably less than 100 yards
Total caloric intake: 2 fried eggs and 4 cinnamon danish
Episodes of Top Gear watched: 4

I'm really starting to hate chemo Saturday (which is now clearly bleeding into Friday and Sunday). 

At least it's Labor Day so I've got half of Sunday and Monday to have a weekend, even if I'm not yet ready for an iced beverage or much in the way of food beyond my remaining danish. 

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