Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Cycle 2 Chemotherapy Liveblog

Well here we go again. 

Already checked in and been cleared to proceed with Cycle 2. The big news? I somehow gained six pounds between the last cycle and now. I must be the first person who's gained weight while undergoing chemo. Maybe that's a good sign.

This time I'm accompanied by my divorce bud, D. We started hanging out when we were both facing marital difficulties, and it was always good for me as, no matter what was going on with my divorce, his was always infinitely worse. There's nothing like someone else's misery to make you feel better about your own. But then I had to go and get cancer, which was pretty much the trump card in the "who's got it worse?" game. Ah well, we all have our row to hoe.

In any case, time to track the progress of this infusion...

9:30 am
In the chair, hooked to a dextrose drip and just waiting for the chemo to be delivered. 

9:35 am
We're listening to weird cover songs. There was a strange version of "Suspicious MInds" playing at VPC this morning, and now D's playing Sam Smith's version of Whitney Houston's "How Will I Know" on his phone:

10:07 am
Still waiting on the chemo to be delivered and, sadly, ran out of weird covers to listen to. 

10:08 am
I spoke to soon. The drugs are here, and are being hooked up.

10:45 am
So far, so good. I may die of boredom, but no signs yet of any problems from the chemo. It seems like we may be seeing a repeat of the Cycle 1 experience. 

11:55 am
Still boring. No nausea. No vomiting. No weird tingling sensations. None of the interesting stuff people associate with chemo. Just sitting and watching the IV bag drip. 

12:20 pm
OK, today's infusion is done. All in all, extremely uneventful. Now we're just waiting for the infusion pump to arrive, they'll hook me up with the 5-FU and I'll be on my way. 

And with that, this incredibly boring (I'm sure) live blog is over. 

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