Monday, August 4, 2014

The New Normal

There's not much left to be said about Cycle 1, except that I think it gave a pretty good indication of what I can generally expect from chemotherapy:

Step 1 - Start at normal
Step 2 - Get filled with drugs
Step 3 - Feel way, way worse than normal
Step 4 - Improve slightly, but not back to normal
Step 5 - Call Step 4 the "new normal" 
Step 6 - Return to Step 1 and start over

The only real question is at what point, if ever, do you get to go back to normal normal. Talking with a neighbor about his treatment, and his docs are telling him they have no plans to take him off chemo, ever. 

I'm really hoping my docs will come up with a plan that doesn't involve feeling terrible forever, cause living in the new normal forever doesn't sound a lot like living to me. 

And this was only Cycle 1...


  1. John, How long is your chemo supposed to last? Are you still working while going through all this? Anything we can do for you?

    1. Four cycles, then a scan to see how it's working. If it's working, thirteen total is what I recall. And so far at least, there's really not much for folks to do. But I appreciate the offer.